Drawing BA(Hons)

Falmouth Campus
3 years full-time
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BA(Hons) Drawing at Falmouth will give you the opportunity to study drawing in its purest form. We see drawing as central to all the visual arts, and our drawing course gives you the time and space to acquire in-depth knowledge and expertise in this fundamental core subject.

This is a studio-based course in which we explore the many approaches to drawing that exist across the worlds of art, science, design, technology, communication and industry. We explore and practice these approaches, learning through practical experience the necessary skills and processes, but also studying the histories and contemporary contexts of these practices and traditions. Our students are interested in developing a range of drawing skills, but increasingly focus their attention on specific fields of practice as the course goes on.

With the depth of visual understanding this course promotes, our graduates are qualified to work in a range of applications of drawing, but also across the broad and burgeoning field of the visual and creative sector in the UK, Europe and beyond.


  • Creative and practical studio projects
  • Contextual presentations and lectures
  • Visits and study trips
  • Opportunities to exhibit
  • Meeting and working with professionals who draw

How the course is taught

This course has a unique ethos focused around a true love of drawing. Staff on the course are drawing practitioners, actively practising what they teach, and teaching what they themselves have discovered through their own research and experimentation. A busy curriculum ensures a high proportion of taught sessions, there is a lot of information to take on board during the course. However, we look for students with their own learning initiative, hungry for knowledge and keen to experiment and explore the subject of drawing. We are intersted in the world around us, and actively use the West Cornwall environment as the source for much of our work.

As the course progresses there is a gradual focussing on more personal drawing pathways, and students increasingly take responsibility for the direction of their study through negotiated projects.

Course outline

This course offers a structured learning programme with dedicated tutor support, promoting your individual development as you grow in expertise and knowledge. Through set projects and exercises you'll learn to record the material world through observation, but also use the inner world as a resource, drawing from memory and imagination, from theories and systems, and from concepts and narratives. You'll learn to use drawing to solve problems and improve your learning.

What you'll do

Year 1

In your first year drawing is explored through the practices of artists past and present, including projects such as our Medieval Workshop through to sessions in contemporary digital drawing. You'll look at subjects like perspective, architecture and natural history for inspiration and learning. We explore drawing as communication, writing and drawing, and drawing as creative self expression. Weekly life drawing classes will engage you in many of the formal drawing issues of proportion, form, tone and structure.

To support your studies you'll go on site visits to museums, galleries and other locations in Cornwall including Tresco on the Scilly Isles, as well trips to London to view original drawings from various collections.

Year 2

In your second year you'll take part in longer, more sustained projects examining contemporary applications of drawing, including mapping, communication, narrative, reportage, animation and art practice. The year includes a student-managed exhibition and further opportunities to get your work onto public forums.

You'll deliver a personal presentation about a drawing-related subject to an audience, and take part in the research and group delivery of one of a series of four Drawing Debates with third year students.

You'll engage in a work-based learning experience with an organisation, individual, location or business of your choosing to put your drawing into a real-life context. Project work allows for more personal strands of exploration but is still supported by tutors and life drawing, print-making and relevant workshops. Visiting lecturers are a regular feature of your second year and there will be an optional study visit to a European City.

Year 3

In your third year you'll work on a project, reflecting and building on personal discoveries and ambitions. This is complemented by your dissertation and supported by a personal tutor and regular tutorials with studio staff. All students contribute to a series of four Drawing Debates and work on one major negotiated project, which will demonstrate your learning and showcase your ideas and skills, culminating in an exhibition.


High-spec facilities on both campuses are open to you, including:

  • Dedicated studio space
  • Digital imaging suites, photography studios and equipment
  • Printmaking equipment and technical workshops
  • Life studios
  • Extensive archives and library resources
  • Negotiated access to the range of sister courses on both sites


Our team comprises academics, published researchers and award-winning practitioners, who have showcased their work and shared their knowledge nationally and internationally.

Through workshops, lectures, individual tutorials and group seminars, our enthusiastic, accomplished staff will help you harness the practical techniques of drawing, while broadening your understanding of the contexts in which drawing can be applied.


  • You'll be marked by continuous monitoring and twice-yearly studio practice assessments as well as written assignments, all a seamless part of your learning.
  • You'll also self-evaluate, and complete a final year dissertation, project and exhibition.


We feel that graduates from this course are equipped to take up opportunities right across the creative industries. Possible roles might include

  • Artist, art practitioner, graphic artist, drawing practitioner
  • Drawing researcher, visual arts worker, curator, educator
  • Visualiser, concept artist, digital artist, digital visualiser, illustrator, designer
  • Work in design, art and the creative industries
  • Applications of drawing in science, technology, communications, therapy, medicine, archaeology and natural science
  • Education, teaching, postgraduate study

Student Mentor Scheme

Falmouth's Student Mentor Scheme matches new starters with a second year student, to help you settle in and find your feet. Our student mentors are now on Facebook. To chat to a mentor about the course, living in Cornwall or what to expect at Falmouth, check out the Drawing group. You'll need to join the group before you can post.

If you don't have access to Facebook please email your name and proposed course to: studentmentors@falmouth.ac.uk

For more information about the application process, portfolios, interviews and selection days, please contact our admissions team using our enquiry form