Foundation Funding

Introduction to funding your foundation course at Falmouth

The UAL Foundation Diploma in Art & Design is classed as a further education course (the same as AS and A2 Levels) and not higher education (like degrees). Therefore you are not eligible for loans or financial support through Student Finance to help fund your studies.

For students from the UK, the tuition fees you pay will depend on whether you are aged under 19, or 19 and over, on 31 August in the year the foundation course starts.

Full details of course fees can be found on our Foundation tuition fees page

You will need to be able to cover the cost of tuition fees yourself. However, for UK students aged over 24, a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan from Student Finance may be an option.

As well as course fees, you will need to consider the costs of living for the year.

Key costs to consider:

  • Accommodation costs
    University managed accommodation currently ranges in price from £75 - £126 per week including utilities, although this might change in future years. Private rented accommodation generally costs between £85 - £105 per week. Check whether electric, gas, water, and internet bills are included as this varies.
  • Cost of living
    It is difficult to give a general indication of cost of living as it depends entirely on individual circumstances, tastes and preferences. However, you will need to consider costs such as food (three meals a day, snacks, occasional meal out), travel (between accommodation and the University; in and around Falmouth/Penryn/elsewhere; and back home for the holidays), clothing and possessions (clothes, shoes, CDs, books, etc), leisure (going out, clubs/societies, etc), bills (mobile phone, internet and anything not included in your rent).
  • Additional course costs
    These vary greatly depending on your individual interests and specialisms throughout the course. However, key additional costs relating to the Foundation course include materials and the trip to Berlin.

Budgeting before you start your course is always a good idea and some helpful information is available on our Students' Union website

Sources of funding

Financial support is available to students aged under 19 through:

Those over 19 may receive some assistance through:

If you experience extreme financial hardship during your foundation course:

Private awards

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