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  • Do your prefer to 'learn by doing' rather than sitting in lectures?
  • Do you want to gain a broad understanding of how modern business works?
  • Do you want to stand out from the crowd with potential employers?
  • Is it your dream to one day set up and run your own company?

If you can answer yes to one or more of the above questions then the BA(Hons) Business Entrepreneurship degree at Falmouth University is for you.

With Business Entrepreneurship at Falmouth you'll learn how to run a business by doing just that; setting up, running and sustaining a real business with like-minded students throughout the three years of your degree. Working in teams, you will be part of an international community of entrepreneurs and will leave Falmouth with the skills neccessary to work collaboratively in a real business environment, along with a solid academic foundation from which to launch your career.

The course is centred around team learning and team working, as evidence shows that successful entrepreneurs are not the lone, combative, reckless risk-takers often portrayed by the media – they are team players/builders and accomplished networkers who consider risk versus reward carefully.

The revolutionary model was pioneered nearly 20 years ago by Team Academy (part of the JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Jyvaskyla, Finland) and has since delivered impressive results. In 2012, 200 Finnish entrepreneurial students generated a turnover of over £2m and paid taxes of over €300,000.

Since then adopted by Universities across Europe, this unique blueprint for real-life learning is now being delivered successfully in countries including France, Spain, Hungary, the Netherlands and the UK. As a student of Business Entrepreneurship at Falmouth you'll become part of the transnational Team Academy learning network.

As this course involves setting up a business in the UK we regret that this course is not available to international (non-EU) applicants who would require a Tier 4 Student Visa.

How the course is taught

Delivered full-time, you will learn by doing based upon a personal learning contract that recognises your strengths and individual development. You will set up a real business with fellow students, deliver projects to real customers and decide what to do with any income you may generate.

Traditional lectures will give way to intensive coaching sessions, and theoretical knowledge will be instantly applied to real-life situations.

A team of trained coaches will support and guide you and your team members as your business grows and develops.

Businesses that operate as part of this degree must adhere to the highest ethical and moral principles at all times.

What you'll do

Year 1

  • BE101 Team Learning & Creativity
    (40 credits 20 ECTS)
    You'll explore your preferred team role and join a group of students to form a team company that you'll stay with for the three years of your degree. You'll learn how teams perform and start practicing key team working and team learning activities, such as dialogue sessions with fellow students and your team coach. By reviewing and experimenting with creative processes your team will start to develop creative ways of approaching opportunities and challenges.
  • BE102 Building a Company
    (40 credits 20 ECTS)
    Supported by your coach, you and your team will consider key questions such as What is the purpose of our business? What legal status shall we adopt? What will we do with any profit generated? You'll register your company and start trading. You will learn and apply key business processes, in the early stages focusing on market research, setting up financial systems and launching your first products or services. Your company will set its business targets such as turnover and profitability.
  • BE103 Personal Learning, Creativity & Management
    (40 credits 20 ECTS)
    Core to this module is the formation of your individual learning contract that recognises what skills you bring with you, what areas you want to develop, how best you can learn these new skills and how you'll know when you have achieved these goals. By considering your preferred learning style, you will identify the most appropriate learning techniques for you as an individual learner. By setting up the framework for your learning portfolio and beginning to add initial assignments, it will become clear to you how your learning is evidenced and assessed. You'll also have the opportunity to learn about and demonstrate creative leadership and management.

Year 2

  • BE201 Team Working
    (40 credits 20 ECTS)
    Building on your work from the previous year, you'll be working on multiple projects experiencing different roles to drive your learning. You'll have the opportunity to work with other team companies, nationally and internationally, growing your network of business contacts. By developing your coaching skills, you'll support others to contribute to their full potential as you move towards becoming a high performing team.
  • BE202 Growing a Company
    (40 credits 20 ECTS)
    As you company grows the business processes develop and you'll learn about advancing business functions such as customer management, brand development, financial obligations and reinvestment decisions. By reviewing your company performance, you'll celebrate your successes and agree the team company's business priorities moving forward.
  • BE203 Self-aware Management
    (40 credits 20 ECTS)
    You'll learn and apply more advanced leadership and management skills, and develop your self-awareness and emotional intelligence, reflecting on feedback from colleagues, coaches and customers. Your learning contract will be updated and refined to align with your continuing professional aspirations.

Year 3

  • BE301 Team Entrepreneurship
    (40 credits 20 ECTS)
    By the end of your final year you will have experienced and reflected upon a full range of team roles.  You'll be confident adapting to different team environments and have the capability to build your own entrepreneurial team. You'll be part of a high performing, entrepreneurial team; efficient and effective at spotting and exploiting opportunities.
  • BE302 Sustaining a Business
    (40 credits 20 ECTS)
    You'll be practising business processes that support a sustainable business such as brand management, customer loyalty and focusing on projects that add real value. By considering what aspects of the business you may want to continue post-graduation, you'll learn about business exit strategies.
  • BE303 Creative Leadership
    (40 credits 20 ECTS)
    You'll be learning and practising advanced leadership skills, instilling a culture of innovation and creativity. You'll negotiate and undertake a dissertation that draws upon the individual, team and business knowledge and skills developed during the course. This should support your career aspirations after graduation.


You will have access to a dedicated space for setting up and running your business.

Close ties with the Academy for Innovation & Research and other departments will enable you to interact with students across the University. Specific facilities include:

  • The latest tools for designing, prototyping and making
  • A broad range of IT facilities and software packages
  • Excellent media facilities ideal for producing promotional material and audio-visual content
  • Libraries housing a collection of 140,000 books, 17,000 DVD and video titles, and exhaustive electronic and journal resources

Experience you'll get

  • Experience of starting up and managing a real business
  • A network of business contacts
  • Become part of an international community learning through the team entrepreneurship approach
  • Develop a product or service with the chance of making a real profit
  • Manage your own learning through an individual learning contract


  • Continuous assessment with no formal examinations
  • Coursework and written assignments
  • Critical evaluation and project reports focusing on your personal development and the success of your student company


  • Starting and managing your own business after graduation
  • Working with employers seeking to recruit entrepreneurial graduates with proven business experience and advanced team working skills
  • Managerial roles in a wide variety of sectors, particularly the creative industries
  • Product/service development
  • Consultancy work and project management

Student Mentor Scheme

Falmouth's Student Mentor Scheme matches new starters with a second year student, to help you settle in and find your feet. Our student mentors are now on Facebook. To chat to a mentor about the course, living in Cornwall or what to expect at Falmouth, check out the Business Entrepreneurship group. You'll need to join the group before you can post.

f you don't have access to Facebook please email your name and proposed course to:

For more information about the application process, portfolios, interviews and selection days, please contact our admissions team using our enquiry form

Taster days

Join us for the day at the Penryn Campus and experience a taste of the 'learning by doing approach', which is an essential element to studying this degree. Meet some of the team coaches and work alongside other like-minded students.

Taster days are free of charge.

Taster Days 2016

  • Friday 22 January 11.00 - 15.00
  • Friday 19 February 11.00 - 15.00
  • Friday 26 February 11.00 - 15.00

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