Abstract: Ludicrous Pilgrim Perplexpedition - Robbie Wilson

Whereto: Robbie Wilson

Ludicrous Pilgrim - Perplexpedition (work-in-progress)
Thesis: Towards a Ludic Ecology: Popular Participatory Peripatetic Performance
Robbie Wilson (aka. Ludicrous Pilgrim)
University of Kent

This PaR project explores the potential for popular participatory peripatetic performance (4P) to effectively facilitate ludic relations to one's environment, hence the title: Towards a Ludic Ecology. The term environment here comprises physical, social, and conceptual elements, allowing for multiple dimensions of ludic behaviour. The project has three practical strands, each employing a different modality of peripatetic performance, all of which will be reflexively developed and will engage participants as performers.

Perplexpedition: With resonances of invisible / one-to-one / street theatre, I am developing a persona and approach to directly and performatively engage a wide range of people, entreating them to enact ludic affordances that are either pre-existent or able to be readily created within the particular environment. Historical research to unearth latent ludic affordances and walk-along interviews to gather examples of ludic practices are being conducted.

Wandercast: Building on Perplexpedition, I will create a podcast of approximately 30mins duration (so as to enable participation during a lunch break) which combines music and soundscape with my voiceover offering instructions for ludic behaviours that kinaesthetically engage participants with their environment. Wandercast will be designed for maximum transferability to any environment.

Spinstallation: In collaboration with traditional skills practitioners and with participation from outreach groups, I will create a series of interactive installations from materials found in or native to the particular environment. The installations will provide affordances for multisensory ludic behaviour (the key senses being kinaesthetic, tactile, visual, and auditory) and will engage creatively and playfully with historical practices of the location.
Participants will be encouraged to take ownership of the tactics created and to adapt, modify, and create them anew, with the aim of the tactics' wider dissemination, leading to greater engagement in a ludic ecology. The project website and social media will be key tools in this dissemination.

Web: www.ludicrouspilgrim.co.uk
Twitter: @ludigrim