Abstract: The Perfect Place to Meet - Sorrel Muggridge and Laura Nanni

Whereto: Muggridge

The Perfect Place to Meet: Shared Walking, Bridging Distance and the Creation of New Terrain
Sorrel Muggridge and Laura Nanni

We believe that:

  • In the act of walking together, journeys and stories are collectively developed
  • In the act of walking together while at a distance from one another, distance is eroded, landscapes are intertwined, depth is explored and a third space is made

We have been collaborating since 2006, usually with an ocean between us - Sorrel in England, Laura in Canada. Our artworks deal with journeys, distance and translation of space. We create performance walks and installations using a task or rule-based structures to connect two disparate locations and the audiences in each place.

Our manifesto will illustrate our beliefs on walking as a shared endeavour and investigate:

  • How the acts we invite walkers to perform challenge them to animate, take possession of and personally connect with the landscape they see as well as the one they don't
  • How the exploration of two spaces simultaneously allows walkers to rediscover their surroundings through another's eyes, noticing what makes their surroundings unique, but also universal
  • How our limited use of technology, as a rule when walking at a distance, creates a unique space for connection, creative interpretation and navigation; connecting places despite drastically different physical terrain


Sorrel Muggridge is an interdisciplinary artist, presenting work across the UK and beyond. Her work is often site-specific and she regularly collaborates with other artists. Sorrel's site-specific and process based approach has lead to many commissions including projects for Bradford University's Gallery 2, Norfolk and Norwich Festival and the Distance Festival who most recently commissioned Muggridge/Nanni to create 2360 Miles Travelled Hand To Heart 2011 presented at Homo Novus Festival Riga in Latvia, LIFT Festival in London and Wunderbar Festival in Newcastle. Sorrel regularly collaborates with Laura Nanni presenting work simultaneously in the UK and Canada producing walking performances and installation artworks. They have presented work in The Banff Centre, York Quay Centre Gallery (Toronto), Studio 303 (Montreal) in Canada and in the UK at Bonington Gallery, Angel Row Gallery and SCVA Norwich and Norwich Arts Centre. Sorrel also works in education settings, devising and delivering workshops in schools and universities, and as a member of Eyebrow Arts in different community settings. Most recently she has been working with firstsite Gallery in Colchester as a member of live art collective Other Other Other, devising workshops and co authoring a 'A Book of Actions', an interpretive response to their current shows.

Laura Nanni is an interdisciplinary artist, curator and producer. Her performance and installation work has been shown across North America, the UK and Europe,including 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art and Hub 14 (Toronto); Studio 303 (Montreal); the Banff Centre for the Arts (Banff); Galapagos Art Space (New York) and Angel Row (Nottingham). Most recently, with frequent collaborator Sorrel Muggridge, she was commissioned to create a three-part, site-specific work for the London International Festival of Theatre (London, UK), Wunderbar Festival (Newcastle, UK) and Homo Novus Festival (Riga, Latvia). In 2014, Laura completed her 4th season as Rhubarb Festival director for Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, a festival of new works and experimental performance. She is currently a member of the Programming team for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche in Toronto and program designer for Leadership Development at the Banff Centre in Alberta.