Abstract: Mourning Stone - Jane Fox

Whereto: Jane Fox

Mourning Stone
Jane Fox
University of Brighton

A piece of black and white flint picked up on a significant day, in a particular place. I held that stone in my hand, whilst floating in a sea that had shaped and worn it. That stone held me, and fitted my hand as if I had squeezed it that way. The stone became a companion for walking - first to the local shops and back, then to the sea and now upon the chalk and flint paths of the South Downs. Bestowed with ceremonial status, activated by ritual – the Flint and I collaborate. A stone in the hand – connecting back to the time and place where I first encountered it, like a thread through time. Making me present.

The flint becomes a 'special' agent in its own environment, as do I – we prepare ourselves as 'things' (1). Together we move about, walking in a landscape that has shaped us both – follow paths that lead from one place to another.

Steadying stone. Travelling stone. Drawing stone. Moving through and across surface, along lines built up by centuries of footfall. We add by discreet removal, one step at a time – guided by paths as if treading a labyrinth. Held. Finding the focus to draw upon ourselves - draw up, draw out, mark and move along.

The Mourning Stone project is an on-going series of journeys that encounter loss through walking, conversing and drawing along the Chalk Downland between Brighton and Eastbourne in Sussex.

Notes: (1) Ingold, Tim 'Lines a brief history' Routledge 2007
Page 5 'The word 'thing' originally meant a gathering of people, and a place where they could meet to resolve their affairs.'


Jane graduated in visual art and sound from Brighton Polytechnic in 1985. Since then she has developed an arts practice that embraces a range of media (drawing, print, moving image and installation) with inter-connected activities including artist led projects, collaborations and solo work for exhibition.

Jane was a founder member of self taught all girl band Marine Girls (1980-1983), Carnival Collective (1995-2005) and along with Maria Tribe, in 1995 founded Armadilloh! Arts. In 2003 Fox spent a year in Cornwall developing her work on the Contemporary Visual Art MA at Falmouth College of Art. She has exhibited widely in the South East, South West and France and from 1989-2009 worked out of Maze Studios in Brighton.

Currently a member of Ink Spot Press and Phoenix, Brighton, Fox is also senior lecturer on Perfomance and Visual Art, Fine Art Printmaking and MA Inclusive Arts Practice at the University of Brighton.

Recent collaborative projects include Fox&Gammidge - Shed, and Who Killed Cock Robin with Tony Gammidge, Mutter Matter collaborative installations with Irene Mensah, and the Side by Side exhibition and Artists on the Move, international exchange with Rocket Artists.