Abstract: PrimaveraRomana - Giulia Fiocca

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PrimaveraRomana: Common Design for Social Change
Giulia Fiocca
Stalker (Rome, Italy)

PrimaveraRomana is a common design project activated by Stalker in order to generate and share social knowledge and awareness on urban changes. Thus by sharing, with more and more people, the experience of 'walking across' and mapping the changes of the contemporary roman post urban territories.

Public walks and follow up civic actions are the devices to collectively explore the ongoing social and urban transformation of Rome, to raise awareness of the reality and of the shared imaginary of the city to encourage an active citizenship on key matters for a possible social change, in search of new practices, poetics and politics of coexistence in the emerging Beyond-City dimension.

Stalker used this case study to outline how walking is core to their practice as a way of networking and linking different sets of people involved in various forms of self organization. They also presented the idea that participation in the walks is an active way to experience the city. Whilst on the walk you are not passive being led by a guide but you become an essential element of the walk and an active participant in debates about the city underlining the cooperation of its users to generate collective values.

PrimaveraRomana begins the AgroCulture Nomadi (Nomadic AgroCulture), a project of collective harvest of public edible products (such as on October 2010, olives which 32 liters of 'Olio PU.RO.' (Public Oil of Rome). On January the 9th, 2011, has been organized the harvest of the bitter oranges to produce marmalade as one-year-remind of the riots happened in Rosarno (South Italy) by the African workers exploited in agriculture and evicted from the village.

All the walks are documented in an accessible googlemap as the sharing tools through which everybody can participate to improve the project.


Architect, independent researcher and activist on urban and social transformations focusing on marginal communities, leftover spaces, informal urbanism and self-organized social and cultural practices. Research focusing on Rome, Vienna and Barcelona (Master 'Metropolis' in Architecture and Urban Culture at UPC). From 2006 as a member of Stalker (osservatorionomade.net) has implemented several projects: Campagnaromana (2006), Rieres/Rambles in Barcelona (2006), Campus Rom: (Rome, Serbia and Macedonia) (2006-08). Since 2009 promotes with Lorenzo Romito PrimaveraRomana (primaveraromana.wordpress.com), a common design project of social activation and creative participation to generate knowledge and awareness on urban changes for a possible social change in Rome. This by sharing the experience of walking across and collectively exploring and mapping the ongoing social and urban transformation of the contemporary territories, together with social and environmental movements, local communities, associations, researchers and artists, in search of new practices, poetics and politics of coexistence in the emerging beyond-city dimension.

In 2007 she was awarded the Artist scholarship at the Art Centre Espai Zero in Olot, Catalunya with the exhibition BalkanSuite. Her teaching experience includes, walks, seminars and workshops with several schools including TU Delft, Parsons, the New School of Design New York, HfG Karlsruhe, ETH Zurich, Roma Tre University, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Co-founder with Lorenzo Romito of Stalker Walking School (2012): a series of international educational paths across Rome, Venice and Naples.