Where To? - Clare Qualmann

Whereto: Clare Qualman

Where To? Steps Towards The Future Of The Walking Artists Network
Clare Qualmann
Universty of East Londo

At the Where to? symposium I will present some thoughts on the future of the Walking Artists Network, summarised here as a series of statements and questions:

  • What does the network do? What does the walking do?
  • Walking is not an art movement. But can we draw common bounds, threads, steps inline?
  • Is the Walking Artists Network a misnomer? What about the creators of cultural/research projects which share many of the features of walking art but who don't identify with the labels?
  • And what of the artists who work with walks, sometimes, but also with other media - or perhaps they've just made one work that uses walking?
  • Can a return to the 'piggyback' (or parasite) approach that was used for the pre-funding meetings make a way forward for the network to exist beyond the web?
  • I am not the Walking Artists Network. Can a sense of ownership/responsibility be shared with its membership?
  • Achieving a definition of Walking Art may be impossible. But can the attempt be fruitful?


Clare Qualmann is a London based artist working across a wide range of media; from drawing and sculpture to text-works and live art events (often in the form of walks). Inspiration is drawn from everyday routine, the ordinary and unnoticed and the particularities and peculiarities of people and places. Clare is a part-time lecturer at the University of East London, and at London Metropolitan University, where her teaching and research focus on live art, participatory and interdisciplinary practices. She is a founder member of the Walking Artists Network, and currently holds AHRC funding to facilitate its development.