Abstract: Walking - Ann-Marie LeQuesne

Abstract: Lequesne

Everybody walks. This is not a special activity. But, as an artist, I am interested in creating situations where we become conscious of how or why we are walking - when we 'perform' walking. I will show two short videos and a clip from a longer one that each explore walking in a different context.

Briefly described, Fanfare for Crossing the Road is an international project that adds ceremony to a common event. In each country I ask musicians - dressed in uniforms and positioned beside the traffic lights - to mimic as closely as possible the digital acoustic crossing sounds (different in every country) that signal the time to cross for the blind. To date it has been performed in London, Helsinki, Lisbon, Wales and New York. New performances are added to the video as they occur and the shape of the work evolves. Each "Fanfare" becomes a portrait of the country - the light, the traffic sounds, the style of dress, the behaviour of the people - all contribute to what feels like chapters in a book where the story is told from multiple points of view.

Reading on the Train is a procession on a disused railway line and a play on "on" – are we reading on the train or are we reading about the train? The performance tries to have it both ways and is also a comment on the great love affair that we have with trains (a reading list was prepared).

Hive – Still Here was performed in The Crossing at Central Saint Martins in Kings Cross. Participants were asked to count, in their first language, up to an assigned number, walking amongst the group as they counted and becoming still when they reached their number. There is a purposefulness to this performance - a hive of action.