Abstract: Grains in the Water 545m Bleaklow 630m Kinder Low 633m - Alison Lloyd

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Alison Lloyd
PhD Research Scholar at Loughborough University
The School of the Arts

Repeating 'walking out' to and around eight separate ring contours all located within an area of approximately five square kilometers suggests to me that the act of walking is connecting me to this place. I have selected an area where walkers practice finding their way by micro navigation connecting their routes, through the use of contours and spot heights on their maps, across an apparently featureless landscape of cotton grass and peat hags, dissected by streams and gullies. These 'regional particularities' and 'taking possession of a landscape' are pertinent to this work.

I am investigating through my walking a remote landscape, which is within a two hour drive of Nottingham. I selected this area south of Bleaklow because, for me, it is reminiscent of the Cairngorm Plateau. It is possible to stride out alone, away from any paths and over many kilometers of rough ground, in ways that could be described as an, 'aggressive act of walking' where I take possession of these eight 'ring contours'. I can imagine that I am walking in a mountainous area while being conscious that I bring my city life with me and walk in this area where there are a few spot points that reach 600 metres.

Through the use of a cable remote and a close attention to myself within these surroundings, to document my own personal and private acts of walking between the peat hags, the eroded paths, gullies and streams. It is important for now that I press the shutter and observe myself alone so that I can at least consider that I am escaping being observed as the object or solitary figure in the landscape.


On leaving Arts Council England in 2010, as head of visual arts, East Midland's Office, Alison has devised walks for arts organizations and artists, while developing her own practice through the process hill walking. In 2013 Alison was one of several artists in residence at Outlandia, Glen Nevis organized by London Fieldworks. In 2014 Alison presented work from 1979 to the present at TG Gallery, Nottingham and is a PhD Scholar at Loughborough University.