Undergraduate Study

Falmouth University has an international reputation in art, design, media, performance and writing. It is renowned across the creative industries and has powerful partnerships in commerce in the UK and beyond. But this is just part of what makes it such an inspiring place to live and study.

The campuses at Falmouth and Penryn have a very special atmosphere that propagates originality. With us you'll advance the boundaries of your craftsmanship and creative expression. You'll explore the convergence between technology and the arts. You'll constantly push the limits of just how good you can be. It will be progressive, relevant and transforming. Though it may not always be comfortable, it will also be participative, collaborative and supportive. So you'll never ever be on your own.

You'll be supported in the classroom and beyond. Through Student Support Services and FXU Students' Union, you'll be provided with all the support you could possibly need to carry you through university life and into your future.

When you leave Falmouth University, you'll be clear about your own creative identity and you'll understand the value of it. You'll have access to opportunities generated from unrivalled connections in business across four continents. And you'll benefit from a track record of employability and entrepreneurialism that speaks for itself.