The Long Run: Contemporary Performance Practice and Endurance Running

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The Long Run responds to recent studies in biology, anthropology and archaeology that propose the human body achieved its current form, and its survival, from the evolved ability to run relatively great distances. The research asks how do body-based cultural practices respond to this re-writing of the human body as one made for, and of, physical endurance.

What happens to the difficult practice of endurance running once we apprehend it in social and cultural terms and what social impact might be realised in dong so? This interdisciplinary project shares a research agenda with artists, social scientists, sports scientists, medical scientists, designers, urban planners and healthcare professionals.

The project is supported by an AHRC Fellowship in the Creative and Performing Arts. 

Current and recent activity includes curating, with Johanna Tukkannen, the 2015 ANTI Contemporary Art Festival, Finland, in collaboration with Kuopio Marathon; a panel presentation with Para-athlete Penny Andrews at Dangerous Currents: Risk and Regulation at the Interface of Medicine & the Arts, the Association for Medical Humanties 2015 conference; and co-convening the Running Cultures Research Group with Professor Hayden Lorimer (University of Glasgow), Dr Jennifer Lea (University of Exeter), Dr Alan Latham (University College London), Dr Kai Syng Tan (Leeds College of Art) and Dr Andrew Filmer (Aberystwyth University).

The Long Run was originally located at King’s College London (2010 – 2013) before moving to Falmouth University in October 2013.

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AHRC Fellowship in the Creative and Performing Arts

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