Summer Schools

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We'll be running six residential Summer Schools this year for Year 12 students (16+) looking to go to university in 2017 or Year 13 students looking to make a late application for 2016 entry.

Our Summer Schools are an ideal opportunity to gain experience of life as a student at Falmouth through a mixture of academic/skills study during the day and social activities during the evening. There will be a maximum number of 170 attendees on our Summer Schools.

NEW for 2016 – Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Residential

We have extended our residential Summer School so that it meets the requirements of the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Residential. Please, however, seek the approval of your DofE Leader and Licensed Organisation before booking onto one of our Summer Schools.


13.00, Monday 11 July to midday, Saturday 16 July 2016

Fees & Booking

£495 *

* Please note there is an optional surplus charge of £30 to take part in water sports activities.

The fee includes: five nights' accommodation (private double room and en suite bathroom in our University's on-site halls of residence) with breakfast, lunch and evening meal; four teaching days from 09.30-16.00, including application and portfolio advice, and social activities which include team-building sessions, a boat trip, and a club night.

Bookings close at midnight on Sunday 15 May 2016.

To make your booking, please view the Summer School of your choice below and click on the online booking form link.

Summer Schools

Architecture, Interiors & Product Design - BOOKINGS CLOSED


Learn essential design skills in this combined Summer School delivered by staff from The School of Architecture, Design & Interiors. Throughout the week you will spend time with each of the courses within the School as follows:

The Icebreaker: The Way Things Go!

Staff from our BA(Hons) Sustainable Product Design course believe that ideas are best explored with others and valuable experiences are ones that are exciting, fun, challenging, and importantly, shared. They will launch the week with a fully interactive workshop to get you talking and thinking, building and testing with the other group members. This day will enable all members of the group to build the creative energy and momentum for the rest of the week. You will construct and create a kinetic sculpture full of movement and action that we hope will truly go with a bang!

Sustainable Product Design

In this workshop on day two, staff from Sustainable Product Design will show you how they work and find opportunities for 3D design to make the world a better place. The workshop promotes collaborative working, communication and problem solving, and will give you an insight into how designers think and find creative solutions. You will learn how your ideas can go from a sketch on paper to a successful solution.


Are you interested in becoming an architect? Do you have a passion for design? Do you have an interest in creating a sustainable future for the built environment? You will spend the day working with a qualified architect, being introduced to the processes of design from an initial interpretation of a brief, experimentation of design ideas, model-making and finally communicating your design. The day will be run as a mirror to the new BA(Hons) Architecture course here at Falmouth University so you will get a real eye-opener into the kind of skills, techniques and processes required to study architecture.

Interior Design

After a presentation on the world of interior design, you will take part in a hands-on workshop, using a model to create an interior space for a well-known celebrity of your choice. During this session you will also have the chance to develop your sketching, drawing, photography and presentation skills through delivering your proposals to the group. 


Art & Design: The Creative Process - BOOKINGS CLOSED


Drawing Detectives: Sifting Through the Evidence

Using problem solving, discovery and observation to enhance creative thinking.

A detective when first at a crime scene has little or no knowledge of what has happened. They start their investigation with only ambiguous ideas, which must be developed through careful research and primary observation. By piecing together subtle visual clues, detectives can realise and begin to understand the bigger picture.

In this Summer School you will experience how artists and designers, in a similar way to detectives, often start with little more than an unformed idea. To translate this idea into a tangible outcome and develop alternative possibilities, they must follow all available leads and collect information. To solve creative problems in this workshop you will be encouraged to work in a similar way to a detective. This will be through a variety of processes and activities that will enable you to build up a body of visual evidence. By following clues, recording observations, solving visual problems, testing materials and challenging your creative thinking you will begin to reveal new and exciting possibilities and ideas. Through using all that is available to you – for example, drawing, model making and photography - you will explore the possible leads to the testing and realisation of serious concepts. You will become the detective in your own creative process.

This Summer School provides an ideal experience of bridging the gap between school/college and university level enquiry into the art and design creative process. Day four will offer advice sessions on writing a UCAS application, compiling a portfolio and careers.

Business and Events, Music & Entertainment Management - BOOKINGS CLOSED


Learn essential creative business and project management skills in this combined Summer School delivered by experienced staff from our BA(Hons) Business Entrepreneurship, BA(Hons) Creative Events Management, and BA(Hons) Music, Theatre & Entertainment Management courses at Falmouth. You will begin to develop transferable business and management skills whilst spending a day with each course:

Creative Events Management

You will learn about the exciting, fast paced world of events, gaining an overview of the BA(Hons) Creative Events Management course and taking part in collaborative event tasks which introduce skills required to produce memorable events for creative and corporate sectors, including events such as fashion shows, product launches and conferences. You will also have the opportunity to take part in advisory interviews to help you assess your future study and career options.

Music, Theatre & Entertainment Management

You will be introduced to aspects of managing music, theatre and entertainment projects through their entire creative cycle - from commissioning new work to rehearsal, recording, artwork, marketing, touring and broadcasting. You will also have the opportunity to take part in advisory interviews, helping you to assess your future study and career options.

Business Entrepreneurship

Experience business entrepreneurship the Falmouth way by taking part in an enjoyable and stimulating day tackling real business challenges. Working in small teams this will involve you using a range of strategies to generate innovative ideas, researching the possibilities to narrow down your best options then using visual business planning tools to create your way forward. During the process you will be advised on various techniques to meet your challenge. In your team you will then create an engaging presentation to pitch your plan and showcase your thinking. The day finishes with an opportunity for feedback and crystallisation of your learning.

Day four will offer advice sessions on writing a UCAS application and careers.


Fashion, Fashion Marketing & Textiles - BOOKINGS CLOSED


Gain a detailed insight into the Fashion & Textiles Institute at Falmouth and an introduction to the industry sectors of fashion and performance sportswear design, marketing and textiles in an authentic studio set-up. You will spend four days with staff from four of the Institute's BA(Hons) courses as follows:

Fashion Marketing

This lively and interactive day puts you at the heart of fashion marketing exploring customer requirements, fashion trends, buying behaviour and media. This all takes place in our fashion marketing studio complete with retail mannequins, office space and Mac notebooks. Through small group workshops, hands-on activities and discussion, you will gain insight into the vast range of jobs for fashion marketing graduates. You will also see samples of the sort of work expected of you as a fashion marketing undergraduate at each stage of the degree offered at Falmouth.

You do not need to prepare specially for the day but if you have a favourite fashion magazine, bring it along. It would also be a good idea to browse a range of fashion e-commerce sites such as Net-a-Porter and ASOS, Instagram fashion postings and any fashion or lifestyle bloggers you might follow. In other words, all the sorts of things you would do anyway once your exams are over. You will finish the day with a detailed understanding of the content and expectations of BA(Hons) Fashion Marketing at Falmouth University.

Performance Sportswear Design

During this Summer School you will receive a true taste of the BA(Hons) Performance Sportswear Design degree course by experiencing a fast-track condensed version of the fashion design process for performance wear - from inspiration to final garment design on paper - in a studio environment. You will be introduced to 'human factors' as well as anatomy and movement used in the context of surfing and yoga. Using this hands-on experience of what is needed to participate in these sports, you will then be introduced to the fundamental elements of the design process: inspiration, research, mood boards, concept, shape, silhouette, colour, fabric, initial ideas, and rough development, resulting in a final presentation of a collection for the beach, surfing and yoga.

Fashion Design

Fashion Design at Falmouth has it’s ethos firmly set in explorations of both functional and experimental clothing and aims to offer wearable new garment solutions to the fashion market. During this exciting Summer School you will be actively encouraged to explore progressive fashion ideas within a safe and nurturing environment. Delivered from within our world-class design studios and workshops you will experience the full fashion design process, starting with research, translation and drawing techniques through to actual garment design. Students do not need any previous knowledge or experience of designing or constructing clothing, they just need to be creative and willing to discover.

During the studio sessions for Performance Sportswear and Fashion Design, you will also be able to gain advice on applying for a degree course through UCAS and preparing a portfolio for interview.

Textile Design

Textile design at degree level is all about the cloth. Here at Falmouth we print, weave and embellish fabrics, which mainly end up being used in fashion or in interiors, but sometimes places you might not expect too like in car design! If you love exploring colour, pattern and particularly making processes, you’ll have a great time at the textile design summer school. It all starts with the visual ideas, so you’ll spend some time learning how to work with mark making, pattern and colour to create ideas that are developed to become textile designs.

You’ll be able to get hands-on experience of some of our main processes, creating fabrics and designs to take away at the end of the Summer School. You’ll learn valuable skills which you can use in your current studies and which will help prepare you for higher-level courses.


English, Creative Writing & Journalism - BOOKINGS CLOSED


Develop your writing, communication skills and understanding of communication, journalism and publishing sectors in this combined Summer School delivered by industry experts, academics and writers from our BA(Hons) English, Creative Writing and Journalism courses. You will spend two days with each discipline area as follows.


You will experience a blend of professional activity, including: writing stories, taking pictures, creating broadcasts, and devising a magazine or newspaper. Alongside this you will reflect on your work within the context of professional practice, debating ethics (good and bad journalism) whilst gaining an insight into media law.

English & Creative Writing

On this section of the Summer School you will consider how English literature has shaped the world now and in the past. You will also participate in writing workshops where you will try out different genres and forms of writing, learn about performing and publishing your work, and explore the writer’s role as a creative producer.




During the Photography Summer School you will receive a real insight into the world of photography by experiencing a fast-tracked journey through the professional photographers’ workflow - from concept to final images - in our acclaimed photography facilities

You will have the opportunity to work in high specification lighting studios and on location using the latest in camera technology to capture your subjects. During image post-production you will apply the advanced techniques used by professionals to create stunning images. You will also output your images using the latest print technology. From photo-shoot to final image, you will have a great time and gain a real understanding of the photographer’s world.

During the studio sessions you will also be able to gain advice on applying for a degree course through UCAS and preparing a portfolio for interview.


Optional Watersports Activity - BOOKINGS CLOSED


Try your hand at Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Meg SUPing, Coasteering or Bell Boating in a 3-hour session with Elemental UK at Falmouth’s Swanpool Beach, followed by a barbeque. There will be 1 instructor to 8 students and all equipment is supplied – just bring along swimwear, a towel and something for your feet that you don’t mind getting wet (eg. old trainers). You will probably also want something warm to wear afterwards!

You can find out more about Elemental UK at:


Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Residential - BOOKINGS CLOSED


We have extended our residential Summer Schools so they meet the key requirements of the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Residential. Please, however, seek the approval of your DofE Leader and Licensed Organisation before booking onto one of our Summer Schools.


Our Summer School runs for five days and five nights consecutively: 1pm, Monday 11 July - Midday, Saturday 16 July 2016.

Daytime Activities

The afternoon of your day of arrival (from 1pm – 5pm on 11 July) will be used to introduce you to the Summer School and team of staff, settle into your accommodation and give you chance to meet other members of the group. You will spend three hours on Monday evening taking part in organised team-building exercises and challenges.

The final day of the Summer School on Saturday 16 July finishes at midday. In the morning you will be given opportunity to evaluate your Summer School experience.

9.30 - 16.00 Tuesday-Friday

You will be engaged in activities that develop your knowledge and skills of specific subject areas. Depending on which Summer School you book to attend, you have the opportunity to develop your learning and skills in areas such as photography, writing, designing and business management.

Evening activities

You will take part in a range of organised and free social activities on each evening of the week:

  • Monday: Team-building challenges as a whole group
  • Tuesday: Optional watersports activity or beach games
  • Wednesday: Common room evening - quiz, table tennis, snooker and film options
  • Thursday: Boat trip from Falmouth as a whole group
  • Friday: Club night with mocktails


There will be up to 170 attendees on our six Summer Schools from all over the country and possibly from overseas. You will get to meet a diverse range of people your own age during your day learning and evening social activities, as well as our team of Student Ambassadors and some staff at Falmouth University. During the day, you could be undertaking the same activity with a group of 18 to 40 students, depending on which Summer School you have booked to attend. During the evening social activities, you will mix with students from all of the Summer Schools.

There is an identified assessor, a member of Falmouth University staff present at the Summer Schools, who can complete your report as evidence of your participation and achievement. We issue certificates acknowledging participation to all of our Summer School attendees.


As our Summer Schools are residential, you will be staying in university accommodation. You will have your own double room with an en suite bathroom in a flat with four other Summer School attendees, sharing the same kitchen/dining area. One of our Student Ambassadors will be in the flat with you. All Summer School attendees will have breakfast and most evening meals together in the refectory.


Bursary Places

As part of our commitment to widening participation and access to university study, we have a limited number of full bursary places for Year 12 students meeting certain criteria. These will be offered through our partner schools in Cornwall and at selected schools and colleges across the UK in liaison with HE/Progression Advisers.  Bursaries will be offered to eligible students on a first-come-first-served basis.