Illustration graduate

Course Illustration BA(Hons)
Interests Sports Exploring Cornwall Film & TV Literature Yoga
I come from Hertfordshire, UK
Sarah Foster
Sarah Foster
Hi! I'm Sarah, an Illustration student from the sleepy outskirts of London. Illustration appealed to me due to the broad nature of the course and how career-focused it is; I don't want to get an art degree then never use it!
As soon as I set foot in Falmouth I knew it was the only place for me. I'm very outdoorsy and not much of a city girl, so studying in a creative little town in beautiful Cornwall really appealed to me. Knowing I'd be so far from home was scary at first but Falmouth is so warm and welcoming that I've genuinely not felt homesick once!
After graduation I'd love to work as an in-house illustrator in the USA and make a name for myself in the industry, but in these uncertain times I'm really just riding the wave, working hard and hoping for the best.