Fashion Design graduate

Course Fashion Design BA(Hons)
Interests Fashion Watersports Photography
I come from Shropshire, UK
A Falmouth University student wearing denim dungarees and standing near bushes
Rhianna Hinton

Hi, I’m Rhianna a 21 year old coastal girl who is loving life down in Falmouth. I come from the Shropshire countryside so knew when choosing a university that I’d suit somewhere away from city life yet still with a buzz. Falmouth is perfect for me because the town is so vibrant and full of creative people which really makes me feel at home. I also love that I can roll out of bed before sunrise, pop my wetsuit on and walk to the beach in under 15 minutes! Often my main inspiration for creativity is the horizon and you are never far away from the horizon line in Falmouth which is amazing.

My course is energetic and creative, letting me be innovative and forcing me to push myself in the best way. There are countless pathways you can take from Fashion Design and I’m still figuring out where I want to go but I know it’ll be amazing once I get there! In these uncertain times I know life can be a little scary, and the thought of moving miles away to a small university in Cornwall may be downright terrifying but I promise you Falmouth is so welcoming and wonderful! Taking a leap of faith often leads to the best outcomes; life begins outside your comfort zone, right?