Marine & Natural History Photography student

Course Marine & Natural History Photography BA(Hons)
Interests Photography Swimming Sports
Year of study 3
I come from Bristol, UK
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Saffron_Student Voice

Hiya! My name is Saffron. I’m studying Marine & Natural History Photography.

I’m 18 and my claim to fame is that I was born in Warwick, which is 10 minutes from the famous Stratford Upon Avon, where Shakespeare lived. However, I’ve now lived in Bristol for half of my life, before starting at Falmouth Uni.  

Bristol is where I found my love for wildlife photography, spending my time behind a camera watching the deer go about their day in Ashton Court, or competitive swimming and tennis.

I mostly spend my time at church socializing or when I’m in Falmouth helping out on the Christian Union committee. I’m looking forward to uni has to offer, especially the scuba diving element of my course.