Applying for Student Finance

Top tips for undergraduate applicants

Apply now

You don't need to have confirmed your place at university to apply for student finance.

Apply online

This allows you to check on the progress of your application and make changes when needed. Do this through Student Finance

Required information

Have all the information you need to hand before starting your online application and complete your application with your sponsors (mum/dad) if possible. The documentation required will vary depending on your situation. Check what's asked of you.


Tick the box to 'share UCAS information'. This will automatically input the information about your first choice course, and will be updated as you accept and confirm your place at your chosen university.

Previous study?

Ensure you know what funding you can get before committing to a university place and paying the fees. If you have been to university before, your access to funding may be limited.

Maximum fee loan

You'll only be able to borrow up to the amount of your fees but it's a good idea to apply for the maximum tuition fee loan. If you specify a lower amount, then accept a place at a university that charges more than you initially applied for, you won’t be able to change your application to apply for a higher amount.

Get your name right

Make sure you apply for student finance using your full name as it appears on your passport. Any discrepancies will almost certainly delay processing your application.

Remember your sponsors' details

Make sure you enter your sponsors' email addresses on your application (usually your mum/dad). They will be sent an email with a link to submit their income information.

Sign on the dotted line

Remember to sign and return the declaration form sent to you at the end of the application. Without this Student Finance won't release and pay your funding to you.


You'll be asked to enrol online in the weeks leading up to the beginning of term. Enrolment triggers your grant and loan payments and your money should then come through during the first week of term.