Private Awards

The awards listed in this section include awards funded by Falmouth University, local companies, arts organisations, and private donors.

Each award is unique in how it works and who it tries to help. Often this is driven by the wishes of the donor. However, the following points should be considered before making any application:

  • Check the criteria Make sure you meet the criteria of the charitable trust or funding body to which you are applying. Most trusts have specific rules about what they will and won't fund and you need to ensure you're eligible before spending time on an application. You will usually receive guidance notes with the application form
  • Check the format Check you are using the correct application format. Some trusts have a specific application form, while others require a letter. Treat each application separately and ensure you tailor your application each time; don't just use one statement to send to different sources of funding. Be sure to show how you feel the course will help you develop, and explain where you hope to be at the end of your studies
  • Stand out Make sure you explain your particular circumstances, if you are likely to be competing with other students who are short of money. For example, you may have family responsibilities that make it harder to provide your own funding
  • Budget If the application form asks you to provide a budget, eg for a study trip, include a comprehensive set of costs to show that you have properly considered and planned the proposed trip. This should be something that you're compiling anyway
  • Be realistic Charitable trusts and funding bodies are likely to assist you with bursaries of hundreds, rather than thousands of pounds, so consider the amount you ask for
  • Say thanks If you receive any funding from a private trust, remember to write and say thanks (either directly or via the Bursary Team), giving a brief record of how you spent the money and how it helped with your study