19+ Awards

Applicable to foundation level


Some funding is available to support Foundation students who are over 19. We have tried to align this with the support available through the Falmouth Discretionary Awards for 16-19 year old students.


Foundation students aged 19 or over are eligible for support through the following awards:

  • Residential Access Fund Support with accommodation/living costs for eligible students. Based on household income and focused on those who are forced to relocate due to non-availability of an equivalent course near your home address
  • Berlin Award Students who can demonstrate a low household income will receive a contribution of £220 towards the course trip to Berlin, which takes place at the end of autumn term
  • Commuter Award Available to all students travelling to the University by public transport from outside zone A (Falmouth/Penryn). The award is worth 20% of the cost of a monthly or termly travel pass
  • Materials Award In the spring term you will be able to apply for help towards the cost of materials needed for your course. Once applications are open, details are circulated via University email and course tutors
  • South West Travel Award Students from Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire, Gloucester and Bristol will receive a small contribution towards the spring term gallery trip. Details will be available from course tutors in spring term

You'll be contacted via University email with information about these awards at relevant times during the academic year.

Some funding is also available towards childcare costs through the 20+ Childcare Awards.

Contact us

Any enquiries about the 19+ Awards should be directed to the Student Funding Team:

Tel: 01326 213744/255159
Email: studentfunding@falmouth.ac.uk