Senior Technician, The Falmouth School of Art

I graduated from The Falmouth School of Art in 2000 with a first class degree in fine art.

Shortly afterwards I found employment as a technician in printmaking at Truro college and started the Integrated Masters Program at The Falmouth School of Art focusing on my printmaking practise.

In 2001 I began teaching printmaking to national diploma students at Truro on a part time basis.

By 2003 I had acquired more teaching hours and was then responsible for teaching the printmaking modules within the national diploma. 

In September 2003 I completed the IMP and was awarded my masters degree.

I spent the next five years teaching and developing my own printmaking practice, adding considerable quantities of printed matter to an ever expanding portfolio of work.

I joined The Falmouth School of Art in 2009 as a printmaking technician at Woodlane with great excitement.

This will be my ninth year here and in that time I have been responsible for many changes.

The workshop has been upgraded and expanded year on year this is opening up the workshop to greater numbers of students from a wide range of courses. 

Contact details

Telephone 01326 213798



Year Qualification Awarding body
2003 Masters Degree Plymouth University
2000 BA Fine Art Exeter University

Research Interests

Research Topics

  • How traditional an non traditional forms of printmaking can inform one another and co-exist.