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Research at Falmouth is organised in three strategic research themes, namely: Digital Economy/Digital Games; Smart Design and Creative Connected Communities.

Digital Economy

The Digital Economy theme focuses on the opportunities and challenges that digital technologies present in the arts and creative industries, as well as areas such as e-health and wellbeing. We have a significant body of research in the Digital Economy, and our main focus is in digital games.

In The Centre for Digital Games we have the European Research Area (ERA) Chair and research team, funded by the EU FP7 programme. In addition to our focus in digital games, a significant body of research has secured external funding from national and European agencies for a variety of projects including Vconect, the Internet of Things, and eServices on Demand.

Smart Design

Smart Design involves the integration of smart technologies and sustainable design principles to address some of the societal grand challenges, such as climate change, ageing society and energy challenges. Recent and current projects related to Smart Design include Lobster Grower 1, Lobster Grower 2, e-Services on Demand in Care Homes, IoT-Bay and iCARE.

Creative Connected Communities

Creative Connected Communities has a focus on creative communities in social, environmental, economic and arts contexts. In Creative Connected Communities we have an established research presence and have secured external funds in a range of areas, projects as varied as: On-Line Orchestra, Beside the Ocean of Time, Mutual Recovery, Aspect, and University of the Village.

Within these themes we also aim to meet our commitments to help address the social challenges and economic regeneration of Cornwall - to enable innovative Cornish companies to achieve their full potential by developing new products and services, new routes to market and ready access to investors and suppliers locally, across the UK and beyond.

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