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The deleterious effects of human activity on the environment, regarded by many as a core challenge of our age, are inextricably linked to an overdependence on existing socio-economic and technological systems. In order to address this complex issue, progressive action is needed across multiple levels and sectors, including that of Higher Education. That is, education can no longer take a ‘business as usual approach’ to teaching and learning. Rather, for substantive change to occur, there needs to be a recognition of its participation in naturalising and abetting the current crisis, and perhaps most urgently, the development of valid and imaginative alternatives to address the insufficiencies of current structures. 

This project seeks proposals for the design and prototyping of pedagogic models, with an emphasis on design and design studies, which re-imagine the function and rationale of the project of higher learning, and which foster the development of sustainable futures, in both epistemological and practical terms. Critically, this cannot be done in isolation, or within 'the academy' alone, but only through a dynamic, outward-facing, dialogic approach to pedagogy and curriculum development.  


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