Technology-Enabled Health & Care

Programme Lead: Professor Michael Rofe

With an aging population and ever-increasing pressures on health and social-care funding, there has never been a more urgent need for new and innovative solutions to health and care challenges. This programme investigates applications of technology into the health and social-care sectors, and the role technology can play in healthy living and wellbeing.

We are particularly interested in how technologies can be used more effectively in support of health, social care and physical wellbeing, how economic challenges associated with health and care delivery can be reduced through the use of technology, and how we can ensure effective design and uptake of technology solutions.

Research opportunities

We welcome applications for PhD or MPhil that align with the Technology-Enabled Health and Care programme. 

Example projects

The Long RunGregg Whelan
Falls Prevention 
South West Centre of Excellence in Satellite ApplicationsAnna Mankee Williams
Independence DayAnna Mankee Williams