Multigenerational Living & Learning

Programme Lead: Professor Paul Springer

Communities are often segregated according to age. In the context of an adult social care system that is under unprecedented pressure, new models of living and learning are ripe for exploration.

This programme investigates multigenerational living and care models, technologies for adult social care, and multigenerational learning opportunities. In particular, we consider how multigenerational living might help to alleviate the pressures on social care expenditure, how multigenerational communities might live, learn and create together, in order to counteract social disintegration, and how technology might enable and enrich a 21st century multigenerational care environment.

Research opportunities

We welcome applications for PhD or MPhil that align with the Multigenerational Living and Learning programme. 

Example projects

Adaptable Living Frances Crow
Cross-Generational DanceDr Ruth Pethybridge