Lobster Grower & Lobster Grower 2

Lobster Grower 2 image

The initial Lobster Grower project began in 2014 to investigate the potential of using sea-based container culture (SBCC) systems as a low-carbon method of rearing lobsters with no feed costs. This project designed and developed a SBBC system specifically designed for nursery and on-growing of lobsters that could potentially be used to rear juvenile lobsters to a marketable size. The results and outcomes from Lobster Grower, such as setting up a marine licence for establishing a pilot-scale site, has lead directly into the second stage project, Lobster Grower 2 which started in February 2016.

 Falmouth’s role was to explore whole system designs and novel products and services that are optimised for real world use in this promising aquaculture project. We have been using observational research, 3D CAD and 3D printing (additive manufacturing) to develop a new preproduction SBCC design and its related systems.

Falmouth is delighted to be a partner in this consortium, which aims to create an economically viable and sustainable high protein food.

This project is part of the Innovation in Rural Environments research programme