Inequality & Storytelling

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Programme Lead: Professor Chris Morris

Inequalities present wide-ranging challenges to contemporary society, whether they are economic, socio-demographic, or cultural.

Storytelling reaches across communities, proving structure, meaning and purpose, and serves to engage audiences, and grow understanding of issues and their ramifications. The programme is inherently cross-disciplinary and able to serve entrepreneurial, sociocultural ends, with purchase in traditional and digital media.

Research opportunities

We welcome applications for PhD or MPhil that align with the Inequality & Storytelling programme. 

Example projects



Wildworks - A Great Night Out, 2016 M. Kemp

Fog of Sex

Christopher Morris
On a Knife EdgeJeremy Williams
Academy of Music and Theatre Arts - exhibition/performance. Gwalt. Glosy. (Rape. Voices) 2015 Agnieszka Blonska
Unruly Runnings: On Track with Identity and Difficulty. 2015  Gregg Whelan
Falmouth School of Art - project. Tears of Things: Museum of Broken Objects 2017 L. Willow
School of Writing and Journalism - journal article. Charting Theoretical Directions For Examining African Journalism in the 'Digital Era' 2014 Hayes Mabweazara
School of Film and Television - journal article. Black Stars: Belafonte, Poitier and a Long Overdue Celebration of Black Cinema 2016 N. Fox
Solo Performance and Minority Practitioners Misri Dey