Digital Creativity

Programme Lead: Professor Tanya Krzywinska

This programme focuses on innovation in games design and technology, incorporating new platforms and interfaces, such Mixed Reality/Augmented Reality and as applied to other sectors, such as heritage and health.

Games are inherently cross-disciplinary and highly adaptable. New technologies provide constant impetus for innovation in terms of adaptation, game and interface design and delivery, storytelling forms and transmedial modes, as well as in terms of both consumer and general behavioural change. Because of their ability to feedback on players’ input, games have led profound change in contemporary culture. This programme investigates who we can design games that innovate and disrupt established patterns and markets. It explores the potential of Mixed/Augmented/Virtual realities and applies game principles to other areas outside the creative industries such as in the Heritage sector.

Research opportunities

We welcome applications for PhD or MPhil that align with the Digital Creativity programme.