Creative Industries Futures

Programme Lead: Professor Gregg Whelan

How does creative practice respond to and shape the world around us? 

The development of new platforms, contexts and markets in the creative industries is led by practitioners seeking evermore dynamic and innovative routes to social, cultural and economic impact. This programme asks how do we apprehend, support and develop those contexts and practices, across a range of fields, interdisciplinary configurations and pedagogic frameworks, that are driving innovation and connecting research with society's challenges and opportunities.

Research opportunities

We welcome applications for PhD or MPhil that align with the Creative Industries Futures programme. 

Example projects 

Project Lead
ANTI contemporary art festival Gregg Whelan, Joanna Tuukkanen
Mametz Chris Morris
Cornwall Contemporary Poetry Festival  Tom Scott
How Can Artists and Designers Working with Museums and Collections Contribute to the Notion of Active Citizenship  Jason Cleverly
Literary Editors and Peer-to-Peer Book Reviewers: Rethinking the Role of Cultural Intermediaries in a Socially Networked Age  Anna Kiernan