Creative Industries Futures

The creative industries are the fastest growing sector of the UK economy, their diversification connects creative practitioners, researchers and innovators with a raft of social challenges and opportunities. Our projects, working across a range of specialisms, contribute to the growth, impact and knowledge base of this most interdisciplinary of sectors.

Programme overview 

The creative industries contribute to almost every part of our lives. Skills and knowledge generated by the sector increasingly play a crucial role in our social, cultural and economic response and resilience, to 21st Century global challenges.

By focusing on the future direction of the creative industries, working with industry partners and stakeholders, our projects seek to contribute to multiple new and emergent areas of innovation. 

The Creative Industries Futures programme houses a broad range of academics' interests; these focus on four areas: creative industries and society; creative equality; 21st Century skills; and disciplinary boundaries. 

Questions common to these areas, and other projects across the programme include: 

  • How can the creative industries positively impact society?
  • How can we ensure fair and equal access to work and study in the creative industries?
  • What skills are needed for the creative industries of the future, and how can innovative delivery engage a wide range of people in developing them?
  • How do we best identify emergent opportunities in the creative industries and what new tools, products and services are ripe for development?
  • Where are the edges of existing disciplines, and how can innovation within them and interdisciplinarity between them create new knowledge and new modes of creativity?

Programme lead

Laura Hodsdon staff image
Laura Hodsdon staff image

Dr Laura Hodsdon

Dr Laura Hodsdon is a Research Fellow at Falmouth University. Her research and professional outputs focus on social justice, socio-spatiality, organisational policy and skills, and literature and narrative to explore (in)equality in organisations, socio-cultural landscapes, and heritage.

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Some of the projects within this programme include:

Person in a suit and hat walking through a trench with soldier
Mametz production image


Mametz was a 2014 site-specific production that offered a glimpse of life and death in the trenches.

Person performing on a stage with crowd
Cornwall Contemporary Poetry Festival image

Cornwall Contemporary Poetry Festival

The first Cornwall Contemporary Poetry Festival brought together leading contemporary poets for two ...

Cornwall Contemporary Poetry Festival
Line of books from above
Literary editors books

Literary editors and peer-to-peer book reviewers: Rethinking the role of cultural intermediaries in a socially networked age

This chapter examines the evolving roles of cultural intermediaries and cultural curators within the...

Literary editors and peer-to-peer book reviewers: Rethinking the role of cultural intermediaries in a socially networked age
A man and child on a zip wire with trees
Anti Festival zipline
Image: Pekka Mäkinen

ANTI Contemporary Art Festival

ANTI Festival presents an annual season of contemporary art shown across public spaces.

ANTI Contemporary Art Festival
A woman wearing a VR headset

South West Creative Technology Network

The South West Creative Technology Network drives both blue-sky thinking and real-world developments...

South West Creative Technology Network
Person holding radio to the sky
Cornish public service broadcaster photo

A Case for Cornish Public Service Media

Commissioned by Cornwall Council, this research paper investigates the potential business and develo...

A Case for Cornish Public Service Media
News Museum Exhibits Inspire a New Cornish Collection 003
Laima Grigone

How Can Artists and Designers Working with Museums and Collections Contribute to the Notion of Active Citizenship?

This paper examines through a series of selected contrasting examples, how interpretation in a range...

How Can Artists and Designers Working with Museums and Collections Contribute to the Notion of Active Citizenship?
Cinematologists logo

The Cinematologists

The Cinematologists is a podcast that brings fans, filmmakers, critics and academics together to wat...

The Cinematologists
A photo of Mazey Day, 2005
Re-voicing cultural landscapes project image

Re-voicing Cultural Landscapes

Re-voicing Cultural Landscapes studies the relationships between majority and minority perspectives ...

Re-voicing Cultural Landscapes
A silhouette in front of a sky of stars
Spatial Audio Journalism - research project image
Image credit: Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Spatial Audio Journalism

This project is working with journalists to identify opportunities and challenges in their use of sp...

Spatial Audio Journalism
Repair Cafe At Redwing Gallery
Repair Cafe At Redwing Gallery

The Role of the Creative Hubs in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

Funded through Research England's Strategic Priorities Fund and delivered in partnership with Cornwa...

The Role of the Creative Hubs in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly
Exchange building

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

This report emphasises the ethical reasons and significant benefits of more diversity in leadership ...

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Research opportunities

Alignment criteria​

We welcome applications for PhD or MPhil that align with the Creative Industries Futures programme. ​

How to apply​

Applicants may apply by submitting a project idea of their own or by responding to one of our Falmouth Doctoral Project briefs.

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