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Supercrafted* is researching ways in which Superfast Broadband can help craft micro-businesses to improve access to global markets and forge new relationships with audiences, customers, makers and suppliers. The project is investigating digital technologies that facilitate innovative online interactions and demonstrating the potential of the internet to add value to the craft sector through workshops and live projects with practitioners. An initial literature survey for Supercrafted has identified four digital engagement themes for the crafts: dialogue, narrative, personalisation, and community.

Within the narrative theme, In the Frame** explores the potential to add value to craft by telling something of an object's back-story. This interdisciplinary research project involves a team of researchers, film-makers and technologists, and Level 3 Contemporary Crafts students at Falmouth University. The project offers an alternative to the traditional text-based artist statement in the form of one-minute videos of makers talking about their work, hosted on a dedicated website. The audience can leave comments and interact with makers, for example sharing their interest through social media sites. The researchers are interested in finding new ways to integrate digital information with physical objects and for this project QR codes engraved in wood can be scanned by smartphone to access videos.

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The Supercrafted Mega Media workshops aim to share research, promote discussion and explore how online interactions can extend craft practice. Working with craft practitioners the first workshop investigated the use of social media platforms in developing conversations with audiences and enabled participants to make a one-minute film about their practice. Future workshops will explore how a range of stakeholders in the crafts can get involved in online environments. For example engaging in the development of interactive websites that enable the design and production of bespoke objects using digital production technologies.

Supercrafted is one of a number of projects undertaken by Falmouth University's award-winning Autonomatic research group. Autonomatic is investigating ways of bringing craft practices and digital technologies together with the aim of empowering people and helping them develop skills that serve the specific needs of their communities.

*Supercrafted is jointly funded by Falmouth University and Superfast Cornwall. Superfast Cornwall is bringing superfast broadband to Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. It is a partnership project between BT and Cornwall Development Company (CDC); funded by the EU, Cornwall Council and BT.

**In The Frame has been part funded through a Learning Enhancement Grant from Falmouth University Learning Futures.

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