Requesting Student Ambassador Support

About our student ambassadors

Student ambassadors are a diverse team of students who undertake paid work to support the UK Recruitment & Outreach department's events. Other departments can request student ambassadors to support events they are running.

Student ambassadors attend regular training sessions to ensure that they are kept up to date with the latest Falmouth news and developments. They support a wide range of events for departments and services across the institution, including:

  • Graduate fairs
  • International student meet ‘n' greet
  • Move-in-weekend
  • Accommodation fairs
  • Prospectus photo shoots
  • Graduation ceremonies
  • MA show private views
  • Library induction week
  • Interviews
  • Campus tours
  • First year induction
  • Bouncers for Cornish dancing night
  • ...and many more

Requesting ambassadors

To request student ambassadors please complete the form below, letting us know all your requirements.

Student Ambassador Request Form

If you have specific requirements for your ambassadors, for example from a specific course or programme, to look smart, or to have certain skills, please make sure we know by completing the ‘Extra Information' section.

Ideally, we would like a week's notice prior to your event to give us the best chance to accommodate your request. 

Please note: Student ambassadors are employed to work on a flexible basis and we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to meet your requirements, particularly at busy times for the students such as deadlines and exam periods throughout the summer.

Once a request has been submitted we will notify the ambassadors by email of the work and recruit ambassadors to fit your requirements. We will then forward their details to you and confirm and finalise your arrangements for the event. The more information you can provide on the request form, the easier it is for us to recruit ambassadors.

It is your responsibility to brief the ambassadors and supply any materials or equipment that they will need.


You will need to supply us with your cost code. We will make sure ambassadors are paid on our monthly payroll for your event. If they have worked before the 10th of each month they will be paid that month, otherwise it carries over to the following month.

Cancellation policy

If your event is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice you will still be required to pay the ambassadors for the time they would have worked.

Contact us

For more information about requesting student ambassador support, please contact:

Rosina Perry
Student Ambassador Coordinator

Tel: 01326 259436