Moira Allan

Making the impression ... transferring the image ... these are the core concepts of print. Moira Allan's practice explores these concepts by combining, juxtaposing and contrasting the transferred image in different media. She has used stone lithography, digital still and video photography, sound recording, found photographs, and commercial printing of posters and leaflets.

This work, Proof of Identity, is produced in poster form by commercial offset lithography. The visual image is a collage of name badges, which are scanned fragments of a found, crumpled silver gelatin photograph. The image and superimposed text are digitally composed.

Moira Allan has an MA in Printmaking from the University of the Arts London. She sees her role as an artist as highlighting the human need to impose meaning on a meaningless world. She lives and works in London.


Proof of Identity

Proof of Identity - work by Moira Allan
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