Mez Breeze

'Mez does for code poetry as jodi and Vuk Cosic have done for ASCII Art: turning a great but naively executed concept into something brilliant, paving the ground for a whole generation of digital artists.' (Florian Cramer). The impact of her unique code/net.wurks (constructed via her pioneering net.language 'mezangelle') has been compared to that of Shakespeare, James Joyce, Emily Dickinson and Larry Wall.

Mez has exhibited extensively, eg Wollongong World Women Online 1995, ISEA 1997 Chicago USA, ARS Electronica 1997, SIGGRAPH 1999 and 2000, _Under_Score_ @ The Brooklyn Music Academy USA 2001, +playengines+ Melbourne Australia 2003, p0es1s Berlin Germany 2004, Arte Nuevo InteractivA Yucatan Mexico 2005 + in Radical Software @ Turin Italy 2006.

Her awards include the 2001 VIF Prize (Germany), the JavaMuseum Artist Of The Year 2001 (Germany), 2002 Newcastle New Media Poetry Prize (Australia), winner of the 2006 Site Specific Competition ([Italy) and 2006 Artificial A.Gender Competition (Australia).



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