Catherine Ricoul

« Voyageographe » and « Carnetomancienne »

I am 38 years old and have been living in Marseille, France, for the last ten years. I am a visual artist and poet as well as a French lecturer of foreign students. My favourite types of media are collage and photography. I use 'word boxes' and 'picture boxes' as raw material. Old books, atlases, blueprints and scale drawings are used as support for the collages ... anything printable can be a source of inspiration.

I specialize in artists' books, poetic logbooks and travel diaries, collage paintings, public writing and reading events in 'DADA style'.

In my visual poetry, I try to emphasize the connection or relationship between words (as sign and meaning) and pictures to create interaction, feeling and depth. Finally a new global picture is created, not just to read but to see, in a kind of 'visual reading'.


Ice: Poetical Logbook

Work by Catherine Ricoul - Ice: Poetical Log Book.

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