Albert Pellicer

Born in Barcelona, based in London, Albert Pellicer is a poet and a freelance journalist. He has a BA in Creative Writing from Antioch University and received an MA in Poetic Practice at the Royal Holloway University of London.

He took part in the London ePoetry Festival 2005 and the Festival de Polipoesia and Festival de Cyberpoetry in Barcelona 2006, and has been involved in creative partnerships promoting poetical activity.

His poetry is a research into the poetics of space and the in-between-ness of textual and sonic expression. His approach to poetry-making is informed by the weaving of sound and narratives as well as bearing a deep appreciation for indigenous values.

He is currently involved in the organization of the First Indigenous Film and Video Festival of the Americas, Native Spirit - London 2007 and in Spread The Word's project, Compilation.


Para Graph

The poem Para Graph is printed on a lenticular screen. As the viewer passes in front of the panel the text shifts between two (or more) readings. (Unfortunately it cannot be reproduced here.)