Nick Darke Award 2017 - FAQs

Am I eligible to enter the Nick Darke Award?

The competition is open to all national and international writers aged 16 and over.

Is there a category?

The category is stage play.

What length should my stage play be?

Your script must be a full stage play, minimum of 45 minutes in length, no maximum length.

Should my script have a theme?

There is no theme.

Is the Award open to collaborations?

The writer must be the sole original author. The competition is not open to collaborations.

Can I submit a play that has previously been produced?

We do not accept submissions of plays that have had a production, a rehearsed reading or won other competitions.

How do I supply you with my contact details?

Please put your contact details in the email with your submission. All submissions should be entered anonymously, do not include a name, address, telephone number or email on the script. The final shortlist will be announced on at which time the writers names will also be released.

Can I submit more than one script?

Yes you may.

Can I submit a play that I have previously entered into the Nick Darke Award?

We do not accept submissions of scripts previously entered into the Nick Darke Award.

Can I submit a musical or adaptation?

We do not accept musicals or adaptations.

Will I receive confirmation that my entry has been received?

A confirmation of receipt of entry will be sent by email. Please note that The Nick Darke Award cannot enter into any correspondence regarding a submission nor can it offer any editorial notes or guidance.

Does my play have to be in a specific format?

Please submit your script in PDF format. We cannot be responsible for changes in formatting or typeface if a Word file is submitted.

When will I know if my play has been shortlisted?

Shortlisted applicants will be notified by email by Friday 1 September 2017, unsuccessful applicants will not be notified. Please assume your work has not been shortlisted if you haven't heard from us by Friday 1 September 2017.

What should I do if I've made a mistake with my entry?

If you need to resubmit a script, please clearly mark the email RESUBMISSION. We cannot accept any submissions after the deadline of 17.00 (GMT) on Wednesday 31 May 2017.