UKFT Masterclass at Falmouth

25 September 2017

The UK Fashion and Textile Association (UKFT) with the support of Marks and Spencer has rolled out a series of masterclasses on manufacturing at five UK universities including Falmouth. 

The classes, part of the Made It campaign, are designed to give students a better understanding of sourcing, production and the business considerations of a UK-based manufacturing strategy.

The Falmouth masterclass takes place in October. Students will have the opportunity to use what they learn to design, develop and produce a UK made look. Based on the designs submitted, selected students from each participating university will receive financial support from Marks and Spencer and industry introductions and mentoring throughout the process from UKFT experts and manufacturers.

Adam Mansell, CEO at UKFT, said: "As part of UKFT's on going commitment to support UK manufacturing, we feel it is essential for students to understand the importance of commercial and technical considerations throughout the design process and the Made It campaign delivers this message."

UKFT's Made It is in collaboration with Marks & Spencer and Graduate Fashion Week with the aim of bringing together graduate designers and UK manufacturers.