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3 February 2017

Global Game Jam 2017

The Global Game Jam® (GGJ) is the world's largest game jam event taking place around the world at physical locations. Everyone gathers on Friday afternoon, watches a short video keynote with advice from leading game developers, and then a secret theme is announced. All sites worldwide are challenged to make games based on that theme, with games to be completed by Sunday afternoon.

We were a hosting a site for this year's international Global Game Jam, which took place 20-22 January.

Digital Games Senior Lecturer Dominique Starr gives us an insight into the weekend: "Participants from all stages of the Games Academy, along with our friends from Burning Arrow games, joined us in our development studios from 5pm on Friday at which time this year's theme – Waves - was announced. It was then all hands on deck as the teams set about creating a game that made use of waves in as literal or abstract a context as desired.

"Two days and a whole lot of creative graft later, we were ten brand-new and diverse gamelets up. We stand in awe at the level of creativity and accomplishment on display for such a tight development schedule and for teams of such relatively fresh starts in the games industry; truly an inspiration to us all here at the Games Academy. A massive thanks to all who participated and to those who helped organise it all; we can't wait to do it again!"

Find out more about the developers and try the games: 

Jump to the beat! Bedtime is a rhythm game in which you must avoid the sound waves of nightmares in order to get a good night's sleep. Try Bedtime for yourself on the Global Game Jam website

Hipster Homicide
A small family of bunnies have lived in peaceful harmony until now...The opening of a trendy new coffee shop has attracted non-conformist hipsters to their area! Hungry for organic veg, the bunnies' entire way of life is threatened, they must do whatever they can, however violent, to save their world from this edgy threat! Try Hipster Homicide on the Global Game Jam website

Hyper Heatwave Runner
It's heating up in France and Sweaty Britman has found himself in need of something to cool him down. Dodge chili peppers and coffee, and grab refreshments and sun cream to prolong your inevitable disintegration as you succumb to the scorching 20+ temperatures of southern France, all while French loaves fly at your face. So, grab a cup of tea and baguette bready for a loaf of fun as you play Hyper Heatwave Runner!

Killer Queen
In the distant future, or whenever you wish to imagine such a catastrophe, England has been stricken by a plague of dismemberment known as The Mostly Armless Apocrypha. You will take on the role of the Queen, interacting with her disarmed and dismayed subjects, ruling over the land with the only fist around. Wave to your people, caress their inspired faces, and slap around the paparazzi in Killer Queen!

Miss Irlou
You take control of a surfing Egyptian girl named Miss Irlou on a giant wave where you must avoid sharks and other hostile surfers all whilst trying to survive for as long as possible. This game features both a single- and a two-player mode. Try Miss Irlou on the Global Game Jam website.

Mobius Dick
You play as a group of bounty hunters, hired by your local Solar System Defense Force to help them stop the ravenous planet-eating whale Mobius Dick. Sail on the solar waves and journey through the solar system, complete quests to collect resources and upgrades to help you slay the beast and save all our lives. Try Mobius Dick on the Global Game Jam website.

Modern Wavefare
Mission Report On Project Crying Laughing Face: (Date: 22 January, 2017) Soldier _____ arrived safely at the target suburb. Upon arrival he sighted the _____ and applied lethal waves as instructed. _____ was nowhere to be found, and as briefed ____ fell back to plan B. Defence. After a valiant effort to protect the civilian life in the neighbourhood he was overrun by the ____ and I was told died a painful death. Let's hope whoever goes next does not suffer the same fate. Try Modern Wavefare on the Global Game Jam website.

Range Zero
As the last standing humanoid, you must use your skills to survive! Try Range Zero on the Global Game Jam website.

Repatriation Simulator
You play US Employee #_____, and your job is to keep those ungrateful emigrants from leaving the country by any means necessary. A satirical tower defense game where players must defend the Mexican border from waves of incoming citizens unhappy with President Drumpfs regime. Try Repatriation Simulator on the Global Game Jam website.

Ship Rekt'd
Avast ye, scurvy dogs! Clean out your lugs holes 'n listen well. We be Animal Puree 'n this be our game; A Sinking Ship. A fearsomer pirate than ye never did sail th' seven seas, but even fearsome pirates get their ship sunk sometimes. Grab what booty you can, haul ye parrot-loving-self overboard and escape...'fore the sharks get a feast! Try Ship Rekt'd on the Global Game Jam website.