Game of Thrones Actor Shares Expertise

29 January 2018

You may be under the impression that Spring is on our doorstep, but recent events have signalled that Winter is Coming sooner than you might expect.

Actor Ross Mullan, known for his performances in Game of Thrones and Clash of the Titans, recently visited our School of Film & Television to give a series of acting masterclasses.

Over three days, Ross imparted his wisdom through a series of exercises ranging from initial trust building games, to working on visualising a character's movements and mannerisms, mainly through portraying an animal of the student's choice and performing how they felt it would move, eat food and notice danger.

Speaking on the workshops, Animation student Simona Cojocariu explained: "It made me think about how to act out a character and how it truly feels to be them, because an animator is an actor in the end. You won't understand how a character moves or speaks unless you try it yourself."

For many of the students, this was the first time working with a motion capture actor like Ross, someone who is well-known in the industry as a talented actor but who also knows what an animator looks for when developing a character.

Animation student Honor Price reflected: "It was very inspiring and enjoyable to work with Ross, who seemed almost like a hybrid between an actor and an animator. He was always performing and was very animated throughout the whole day. It was definitely something I'd like to experience more of in the future."

There are many more opportunities for Animation students to learn from individuals experienced within the industry, such as Aardman director Luis Cook and screenwriter Geale Peter Lawrence, both of whom will be visiting in February.

Honor added: "Falmouth is amazing for bringing in people from the industry. Luis Cook will be down here for a week to help us with developing stories and characters. It's great that we have the ability to work with these types of people."