Applications Open for Summer Schools

30 January 2018

Applications for the AMATA Music & Dance, and Falmouth-Yamaha Jazz Summer Schools on the Penryn Campus have opened.

Both Summer Schools offer unique opportunities to refine the raw artistic talent of local young people, with each summer school presenting its own prospects and challenges.

The AMATA Music & Dance Summer School offers a variety of classes for those aged eight to eighteen, in which the pupils will explore composition, technique, improvisation and a myriad of other skills involved in creating dance and music collaboratively.

Former student Ollie Murch explained: "This school helped me to learn how to flow properly with the music and I enjoyed having a goal to work towards. It was also good to work with other people I didn't know and discover their ideas."

For the Jazz Summer School, sessions across a range of key topics, styles and idioms run throughout the five days, culminating in a final night concert, which is open to an invited audience of family and friends.

A high point of the week is a special masterclass and concert by a visiting Yamaha jazz artist – previous years have seen fantastic sessions with Kenny Werner, Gwilym Simcock, Pete Long and Julian Joseph.

James Grellier, former pupil at the Jazz School, said: "This was a fantastic course and I'm grateful for the superb professionalism, dedication and patience that the tutors gave us.

"This was exactly what I needed. It showed me the way to being curious about music again. For me it was the right amount of playing as well as listening and learning. It had enough variety to keep things feeling fresh."

Early bird tickets are now avaliable on each Summer School web page. Book now to make sure your place is reserved.