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23 May 2018

Ben Fallows and Matt Deacon: get real
(l-r) Ben and Matt
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Creative Advertising graduates Ben Fallows and Matt Deacon are regarded as two of the brightest young talents around in the advertising industry - just four short years after graduating.

From Lidl to Lexus, the dynamic duo are the brains behind a series of award-winning ad campaigns and have already worked at two of London's most prestigious agencies. They are the ideas people and, after teaming up in their very first week at Falmouth, have never looked back.

"Being able to think of the most bonkers, crazy ideas and then having someone commision you to turn them into a reality never gets old," says Ben. "We can be having a drink together in the pub, come up with a wacky idea and then, before we know it, a big brand is asking us to go out and make it. It's the most fun job around and being able to bring our ideas to life is the coolest thing. And one of the best things about it is the sky's the limit as to what we can do."

Ben and Matt already have a series of awards under their belts for work they produced for a reactive print campaign and were the spearhead for Lidl's 2016 Christmas ads. Their work has been featured everywhere from the Guardian to Buzzfeed and is the culmination of the hard work they put in while studying.

Ben adds: "Creative Advertising is a great thing to study if you're a little bit unsure of what you want to do because it pulls in so many different skills.

"We were on placement for 18 months before we were offered our first job. It's really hard graft, but once you make it, it's everything you'd ever hoped it would be. You just have to work really hard for it."

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