Shape The Future

Our Courses are focused on empowering and producing the new generation of artists, entrepreneurs and music professionals who want to shape the future of music and the creative industries. Our exceptional provision offers an inspiring and highly equipped immersive learning environment in which you will encounter real world briefs and the means to produce professional portfolios. From the very beginning of your studies, our aim is to produce dynamic individuals who can understand the changing demands of the global stage and who are capable of making waves, as well as riding them! We enable you to turn your passion into a sustainable professional reality.

From Provision to Pro-Vision

As a Falmouth graduate you will be able to adapt to and shape the future of the music industry. We offer a nurturing space in which communities of artists help forge your development and create platforms from which to launch your work with confidence. Our future fit graduates research, plan, manage, direct, create, perform, innovate and 'produce' as motivated and empowered creative professionals. We liaise carefully with (and listen to) established industry partners and the new wave of emergent creative industry businesses to identify the opportunities and skill development needs for the future. Originality, adaptability, connectedness and creativity are key assets in the new marketplace, which brings with it new opportunities and demand for new skills. We are committed to and focused on the development and empowerment of your unique voice so that we might bridge between your talent, your music practice and your chosen professional destination. Our future facing course designs enable you to tailor your learning to ensure that you develop the skills, experience, knowledge and connections, as relevant to your own aspirations. In this sense, our ethos is not to impose that vision upon you, but to help you realise what you want to do.

Unique Environment: The Future is Lateral

Falmouth's multidisciplinary environment provides unprecedented opportunities for artistic collaboration and networking, unparalleled by any UK Higher Education provider. As part of the music based community, you will be interacting with established artists, key industry figures and the next gen practitioners of screen, performance and media arts, designers, gamers, coders, and creative Fintech entrepreneurs.

With such a broad creative community, AMATA is renown and celebrated for its unique "vibe". The culture, scene and sub-cultures that our students have created are the definition of the new edge and have been covered in documentaries and UK Music press. This is a culture that offers unique and exciting networks of collaboration for your work during university and after in the years that follow.

Whether you join our community as an aspiring and passionate artist, performer, songwriter, producer, manager, composer, educator, sound designer, ... or future music leader, you will embrace and thrive in our environment of creative diversity and open innovation. Here, as part of your practice, you will rehearse, produce, manage, perform, promote, compose, research, code, design, attend masterclasses, critique, tour, study abroad, work on professional projects,... And, in all cases, you will learn how to thrive on challenge because you will develop a confidence that allows you to embrace turbulence, and to create and immerse yourself in opportunities.

Opportunities: 'The Time is Now'

At AMATA, you have access to a matrix of opportunities. We invite prestigious guests and partners from across the UK and the globe to work with you and to inspire your imaginations. Our prestigious international study partners (such as CalArt and Sarah Lawrence, USA, University of Brisbane, Australia, Metropolia University, Finland and Nagogya University, Japan), our links with the education sector (CMEH, Trinity), and our professional relationships with SSL, Native Instruments, Yamaha and Island Records, all mean that you have access to regular industry guests, visiting artists and lectures from which you can learn about current professional innovation and proceed to apply these lessons through your own 'real world' practice.

You will be doing it for real at AMATA with staff whose proven track record in various fields of industry, research, education, music and sound practice has won them awards and allowed them to develop innovative learning and teaching with a rich diversity of experience. The music team consists of genuine creative people who work across a broad spectrum of the arts and who want to help guide your learning and fulfil your ambitions. You will also work closely with a highly skilled technical support team who help facilitate your engagement with an incredible resource of music technologies and studio equipment. Creative skills learnt here at Falmouth, as well as the artistic networks you forge, will facilitate your professional life and future careers. Most of all, your future will be about the connections you make at Falmouth and the work you make alongside and sometimes with your peers.

Course Design: Your Design

Following years of experience, industry liaison and student feedback, we are proud to have developed a range of music-based courses that are specific to your specialist focus. Our flexible course design allows you to concentrate on your chosen specialist practice through tailored tuition and assessments that contribute to a professional portfolio, so that you have a range of quality work that anticipates your future career. Flexible course design offers you choices that will help you to create your artistic and professional identity, whilst enabling you to understand yourself, and the world that you operate in. Our extraordinary staff, facilities and resources have allowed the course design to develop into a range of exciting modules that bring together cutting edge research, contemporary professional/industry/artistic practice alongside education expertise. Each module on every course will challenge you to go further; will encourage you to navigate the turbulence of real life contexts in the knowledge that there is no growth in the comfort zone; we want you to go beyond even your own expectations.

Track Record

Our students have redesigned (and 'rewritten') industry practice. During their time at Falmouth, they have produced some incredible portfolios and conducted successful placements, internships, residencies, design projects that have helped them launch their careers and move forward with their practice. We are incredibly proud to have produced artists and professionals that launch tech companies, invent new technologies/strategies/business models, tour globally, perform at festivals, release albums, manage artists, set up labels and production companies, manage events, sound engineer, compose, teach and go on to postgraduate studies. Some graduates have careers in prestigious companies (Island Records, Warner, SoundTree, RouteNote, Ninja Tune) and operate as freelance professionals for the sector; and others have produced fabulous new music for the media, games and the stage.

Becoming future. Becoming you.

We invite you on a joint venture towards empowered creative futures. We want to take you beyond expectations and into a great artistic career. We are not just another music provider amongst others, and you are not just another student...together we are the new cutting edge...together we are Falmouth.