At Falmouth, passion for music unites us in our celebration of diverse musical practices. Our holistic courses are focused on empowering creativity through experimentation, risk-taking, critical and contextual engagement with your practice, and hard work.

On our courses you will prepare for the one known constant of our time – change – by embracing the unknown and developing effective strategies for a sustainable future career. Our courses each have a different focus on music but share the same ethos and encouraging environment. They are each fluid and flexible, to allow you to grow in the direction you want.

Personal and creative growth can only happen in an immersive environment that is both challenging and supportive. Falmouth's geographical location, staff-to-student and peer-to-peer interaction, the flexible course design, unique one-to-one tuition programme, and the state-of-the-art facilities form a safe and open professional learning environment that encourages creative and critical exploration and development of your musical 'voice'.

Our distinct institutional lineage has resulted in an international track record of innovation, experimentation and a long history of staff and student success. As a specialist arts institution, Music at Falmouth offers exceptional opportunities for collaborative and interdisciplinary projects and professional networking within and beyond the University.

We invite you to join Falmouth's vibrant community of talented, informed, creative and committed music staff, students, graduates, and regular guest artists and visiting lecturers on our shared journey to enterprising musical futures and beyond.


As a Falmouth Music student you'll benefit from a team of full-time technicians to guide you through our state-of-the-art facilities. You'll be working in high-spec performance studios, practice rooms, specialist audio-visual 35+ seater digi-suite, and a multi-control room recording studio complex, housing a range of analogue and digital technologies.

Our equipment loan facility provides you with backline amplification, on-location recording systems, effects units, synthesizers, MIDI controllers, audio interfaces, lighting rigs, an extensive collection of microphones and more. We currently house the largest DSP-based Genelec surround monitoring system in the UK and our dedicated tech team can also offer custom-built equipment and software including underwater recording system, mini-amplifiers and hardware hacking.