Lewanna Stewart

Work by Lewanna Stewart, MA Illustration: Authorial Practice

This work came out of a dream and then another dream and the peripheral flutterings of the mind vying for attention. It was dream that showed me what to do and that was to follow where it might lead. There seemed a purpose, a vague goal, but it showed me there was no grander purpose than to spend time quietly alone by myself.

By delivering that story onto paper intuitively, I have documented the process of listening to myself - the dream self.

The stories appear in comic book form as a souvenir of those trips taken to this quiet place. I recreate that place here in a tangible form, a physical approximation so that you too may visit awhile.

I recommend visiting this space alone but that may not be possible.

Find out more: lewannastewart.co.uk
Email: lewannamountain@gmail.com