Emilia Wharfe

Work by Emilia Wharfe, MA Illustration: Authorial Practice

For me, illustration is most alive when it is "Blurring or collapsing the boundaries traditionally imposed between the created world and everyday experience and between author-illustrator and reader". (Lesley Clement)

Let me take your imagination for a walk. Feel free to find meaning in a world laced with uncertainty. Be open to being lost when reading as I am when creating, because my best ideas always emerge from the gaps between my certainties.

This narrative, in particular, is a broken, fragmented story of ancestry. Like most of my work, I pieced it together from fragments of family stories, diaries and letters and glued it together with my own imagination. My Papa (Grandfather) would tell me parts of the story every summer in the log cabin by the lake. I heard it, but I didn't always listen. 'Til it was too late.

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