Visa Requirements

Student visas

This information is for:

  • Applicants who are non-EU/EEA nationals, and who are considering applying, or have applied, to Falmouth
  • Current Falmouth students who may need to extend their student visa

This page is for guidance only and represents the latest information available. However, please note that there may be further adjustments and changes to the scheme, so check the Home Office website for the most recent information.

Applying for a student visa

Home Office points-based system

The Home Office operates a points-based system for those coming into the UK to work and study. This immigration scheme consists of five tiers, which allows nationals from outside the EU/EEA to live, work or study in the UK. The system is underpinned by the principle of sponsorship. Falmouth University is an A-rated, government approved education provider and acceptance to study here takes you a long way towards gaining entry to the UK.

Once you have been accepted onto a course at Falmouth, and we have issued you with a confirmation of acceptance of studies statement (CAS statement), you should apply for a visa as a student under Tier 4 (General) of the points-based system. The CAS statement is valid for six months, but your visa application should not be made more than three months prior to the first day of the course.

In addition to completed application forms, you will be required to show evidence of your main educational qualification, as well as evidence that you meet the maintenance requirements outlined below.

Length of courseLocationMaintenance (funds) needed

More than nine months

Outer London or anywhere else in the UK

First year of fees and £9,135 to cover living costs for nine months in the UK

Nine months or less

Outer London or anywhere else in the UK

Course fees and £1,015 to cover living costs for each calendar month of the course

To apply for a visa as a Tier 4 (General) student, you must have 40 points in the points assessment. You can score:

  • 30 points for having a valid confirmation of acceptance for studies, which you get for studying a course at an acceptable level with an approved education provider (Tier 4 sponsor), and for having acceptable English language skills
  • 10 points for having enough money (maintenance or funds) to cover your course fees and living costs

The money you need depends on the length and location of your course. To score 10 points you must show you can pay the course fees for your first period of study (or the next period of study, if you are applying to continue a course) and your living costs for up to nine months.

Once your student visa is issued using Falmouth University documentation, you will be able to study at Falmouth University only.

Course registration requirements

When you register on your course at Falmouth you will be required to submit a copy of your entitlement to study in the UK, as well as the standard registration requirements such as paying your course fees and confirming your personal details. This evidence may be a copy of a valid student visa from your passport or a copy of your biometric ID card. You will also be required to keep us up to date with your latest contact details including your address and telephone number.

Our role as your sponsor

As well as registering as a sponsor and providing course applicants and visa extension applicants with the right documentation, we have a duty to comply with Home Office requirements. We are obliged to inform the Home Office if non-EU/EEA nationals here as students under the points-based system:

  • Fail to enrol no later than ten working days after the end of your prescribed enrolment period
  • Are absent for prolonged periods - ten expected contact points during the academic year
  • Withdraw or go into abeyance from your studies
  • Defer your studies after arrival in the UK
  • Change your programme in any significant way, eg change the mode of study or shorten the duration of the course

Current international students at Falmouth who applied for a student visa prior to the introduction of the points-based system in March 2009 are not affected by these requirements.

Your role and responsibilities as a student

Whilst in the UK, you must comply with the conditions of your student visa. Please pay particular attention to the following areas:

  • Police registration - if you are required to register with the police, you should usually do so within seven days of arrival in the UK. You will be given a certificate that you must keep safely. If you need to change address or extend your visa, you will need to refer to this certificate
  • Registering for your course - it is essential that you fully register for your course, including making payment arrangements for your tuition fees
  • Work - generally, international students in the UK on a student visa are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during vacations. There are instances where working rights are not given so you should check your student visa carefully to ensure you are eligible for work. If you are on a course with an integral period of work placement (eg a sandwich course) you are allowed to work full-time for the duration of the placement. Full details are available on the Home Office website.

Applying for an extension to a student visa

If you are already enrolled at Falmouth University and wish to extend your student visa, you will have to apply for your extension under the points-based system.

You will need to show the Home Office a confirmation of acceptance of studies statement (CAS statement) from us as your sponsor. To gain a student visa, you are required to reach 40 points (see above). You will also need to meet the maintenance requirements above to prove you have sufficient funds to live in the UK, over the cost of your tuition fees.

The CAS statement is available from the Applicant Services team at our Falmouth Campus. You may be asked for additional information, such as your passport number, as this needs to be included in the supporting documentation. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for this to be produced following your request.

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