Graphic Design Visiting Speaker Series

A number of respected visiting speakers are invited to Falmouth University each year to provide critical insights in to the world of the design professional. These lectures are open exclusively to 200 Graphic Design students from all years as an enhancement to their studies.

The programme is just one of the many experiences our students have, alongside placements and live project work, to build the essential knowledge and skills in preparation for a career in graphic design.

This academic year's professional visiting speaker series began on Friday 1 November with a talk by acclaimed designer Fernando Gutiérrez. Some of the future speakers involved with the programme include: Phil Carter (Carter Wong), Craig Oldham (Alumni), Ian Warton (AKQA), Jack Renwick (Jack Renwick Studio), Angus Hyland (Pentagram), and Buzz Pearce (Skype).

Graphic Design students are invited to submit poster designs, with a different student and their design being chosen as the 'winner' to promote each lecture internally.

Please click on the boxes to the right for speaker biographies, recordings of lectures (where permission has been given) and the students' poster designs. These will be added throughout the year as each lecture takes place.

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