Game Art MA

Game Art MA
Penryn Campus
1 year full-time
Direct line
01326 213730
Subject to validation during this academic year

Are you an artist who is passionate about games? Do you want to develop art skills to meet the challenges of the games industry? At Falmouth you'll work with Programmers and Designers in a studio environment to make innovative and arresting art for games.

Here at the Academy, you’ll nurture your creativity as you collaborate with like-minded artists in an inspired and focused space. We welcome illustrators, painters, fine artists, sculptors, architects, graphic designers, or anyone with a passion for the visual dimensions of games. Whatever your artistic background, you’ll graduate from this course as a knowledgeable, workplace-ready professional with a strong insight into the games industry.

What you'll learn

We cover a range of areas in Game Art to aid your growth both creatively and technically. By the second study block, you’ll already be putting your skills into context by working on a Game Art project, and learning to co-create in a team. This all leads up to a final submission where you’ll have the exciting opportunity to build a game with coders and designers in a full development team or, if you prefer, craft your own standout portfolio piece

You’ll achieve:

  • 2D and 3D art creation methods, including concept, environment and character art.
  • Core drawing skills.
  • Game development pipelines, techniques and processes (such as Agile development and version control).
  • Strong understanding of the requirements for a career in game development.
  • Teamwork skills between disciplines on live projects.
Study block one
  • Development Synergies
  • Concepts and Contexts
Study block two
  • Group Game Development Project
  • Game Art 2 : Crafting and Refining
Study block three
  • Major Project (solo or team-based)

How you'll learn

Coursework is the only form of assessment on Game Art, meaning you’ll gain stylistic and technical skills through practical, hands-on learning.

You’ll perfect your craft with a combination of:

  • Life drawing, painting and sculpture
  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Crit sessions
  • Tutorials
  • Guest speakers
  • Mentoring


When you study Game Art, you’ll be learning and practicing with the latest industry-standard facilities.

You’ll have full access to:

  • Dedicated space in a well-resourced game development studio, open late during term time.
  • Industry-standard studios.
  • VR/AR lab and cutting-edge hardware (HoloLens, Vive Pro, Oculus Rift).
  • Professionally favoured software, management tools and game engines.
  • A well-equipped life drawing room.
  • Games industry standard hardware and software, including Cintiqs.

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