Falmouth School of Art Guest Speakers - Krijn de Koning

Krijn de Koning, Espace-Couleurs, Paris, 2015
Wednesday 28 November 2018 17.00 to 18.30
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01326 370432

The work of Krijn de Koning interrupts environment by adding sculptural, architectural and colourful constructions to a given location; it is site specific. The work emphasises the environment and gives the audience new possibilities to use and interpret the place. 

Works within de Koning’s oeuvre vary from minuscule to very large, and contain classic references up to absurd expressions. Within the installations, drawings, sculptures and architectural works, connections arise, spare space is visualised and new perspectives are offered. 

As well as museums, art institutes and galleries, as public, private and corporate clients provide stage for de Koning's artworks.