Filming an event in the Sandpit

Using OnAIR, the AIR Studio is now able to live stream events via the OnAIR website. Based in the Sandpit in the Academy for Innovation & Research (AIR), the OnAIR technology, including the web broadcasting system, gives you wider participation in events. It is part of a range of technologies available in the Sandpit; a purpose-built creative thinking space designed to help teams think differently and work at pace.

Find out how the Sandpit, and facilities such as OnAIR, can help you with your idea or project development and help you bring together the right people, either in the room or virtually.

The OnAIR platform is able to record two seperate video streams at once, which allows the presenter to be filmed using a HD camera while recording the desktop feed separately to give the viewer a better viewing experience. The OnAIR platform also gives the ability to view all recorded events on demand, so you can watch them back at any time via the OnAIR website.

OnAIR makes use of MS Smooth Streaming, which optimises the quality of the streamed video on available bandwich to reduce buffering.

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For more information contact Josh Kendall:

Email: air.av@falmouth.ac.uk

View an example catalogue: Open Studio Friday


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