Alan Kane - Falmouth School of Art Guest Speaker

Alan Kane
Wednesday 28 September 2016 17.00 to 18.00

"There's no separation between people and art; it's not somewhere else. But the art world proposes that it is." Alan Kane in British Art Show 8

Blurring the boundary between artist and viewer, Alan Kane's installations and photographs often question the distinction between high art and everyday creativity, bringing commonplace objects into artistic contexts.

Kane's most celebrated work is Folk Archive: Contemporary Popular Art from the UK (2000-5), co-curated with Jeremy Deller. Described as "a large public heart beating out creativity under the radar of a sanctified art world", the archive brought together drawing, film, performance, costume, decoration, political opinion, humour and objects in a celebration of the diversity and richness of Britain's folk art.

Life Class: Today's Nude (2009) involved broadcasting a life drawing class nationwide on Channel 4, sharing with daytime TV audiences the esoteric world of the artist's studio.

Most recently, for British Art Show 8 (2015-16), Kane has contributed a number of functional objects designed to serve both the exhibition and its visitors. For example, to celebrate and announce the arrival of the show in Norwich, he arranged for a train of six horse drawn carts pulled by Shire horses to deliver artworks to the exhibition's venues. Horse brasses designed by members of the public, made by Kane and worn by these horses were then displayed Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery.

Born in Nottingham in 1961, Kane is now based in London. His numerous solo exhibitions include The Stratford Hoard at Stratford Station as part of the Art on the Underground series (2008), Punk Shop at Ancient and Modern, London (2013) and Orphaned Dishes, Whitechapel Gallery, London (2011). Folk Archive: Contemporary Popular Art from the UK (2000-5), first exhibited in Intelligence, the Tate Triennial of 2000, was, appropriately, acquired by the British Council in 2007.