Catherine Ireton: For All The Fires Not Yet Lit

For All The Fires Not Yet Lit
Friday 27 October 2017 19.30
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Bride-to-be Claire is not going to make a speech at her wedding. No way. She's just not that type of person. But what if being timid is a good thing? What if being scared is just you starting an adventure? And so it is that a morning's outing to the shops turns into a 24-hour odyssey where our heroine-in-pyjamas tries to locate her brave bone.

A new solo performance of songs and spoken word from Catherine Ireton exploring small acts of courage and how they can be as contagious as fear.

Winner of Brighton Fringe Music Award 2016.

"If Catherine Ireton performs any kind of a show at a venue near you buy a ticket and go see it."


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